Crawford provides training programs to meet the needs of employers and employees alike.

Pre-Employment Training Program
Both Manufacturing and Healthcare careers have been targeted for pre-employment training conducted by the Crawford County Economic Development Partnership. The PET programs provide concentrated exploration of a career in that business segment, combined with soft-skill and other industry-determine basic skills that will make the successful students a better fit in that sector.

On the Job Training Program
We know that much of the training needed for new hires takes place in the workplace…on the shop floor…On the Job. That’s why Crawford has created the “On the Job Training Program”, a grant program that provides needed funding to employers to help cover the “start up” cost of new employees. The program is designed to financially assist employers during the initial training and retention periods when adding new employees. Advance approval required.

Incumbent Worker Training Program
Existing employees frequently need skill-upgrades to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses. Crawford helps meet eligible employer’s financial obligations for upskilling their employees with our Incumbent Worker Training Program. This grant program covers up to 50% of the training cost for “skilling up” your employees. Advance approval required.

Training Workers to Advance
This regional training grant program can cover up to 75% of the training costs for eligible employers when the training results in increased wages, new job opportunities, increased revenues or new opportunities for the business. Minimum class size requirements apply. Advance approval required.

State Training Initiatives
The state of Ohio provides employers with technical and financial assistance to meet the ever changing skill needs. In Crawford County, the State of Ohio Training Coordinator can be reached at 419-522-2029. For more information see the state website at:

Crawford Success Center
Local businesses and educators collaborated to give Crawford County residents more access to educationtraining and success. A public-private partnership between the Crawford Partnership, local employers, local leaders, and North Central State College, the Crawford Success Center offers courses year-round to help improve the local workforce skills and the overall educational attainment of the county.

Crawford County Economic Development Partnership staff is deeply engaged in the programs, initiatives and concerns of training…workforce development. Please contact us for the latest information on any of the programs listed above as well as for up-to-the-minute information on opportunities for your business: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.